Inhaler Spacers

If a young child uses a regular inhaler improperly they may not be receiving the adequate amount of medicine if sprayed directly into their mouth, the medicine will dissipate in their cheeks.

There are tube like spacers designed for young children that have a small mask attached to it. Shake the inhaler and attach it to the spacer. The mask covers the child’s nose and mouth securely. The child should take approximately six breaths when medicine is sprayed twice into the spacer, allowing a minute in between each pump.

As children grow older they learn to breath the inhalers correctly, however might still need a little help with a spacer that without a mask.

Pulse Oximeter

Having a simple little computer to put on the end of your finger can save your child from hours of anguish. A finger pulse oximeter is a small device that clips on to your finger. This valuable tool monitors pulse rates, interrupted breathing, and detects the under oxygenated blood. What does this mean? This means when you or your child are struggling to breathe, the pulse oximeter will display your oxygen level so you may begin the proper treatment sooner than later. Another wonderful tidbit, you can buy it at your local pharmacy store.