About Us

The Winded Foundation is a non-profit, 501c3 organization that raises funds for asthma education and spreads awareness of asthma through exercise programs. We operate through partnerships with organizations and individuals. We are a entity spreading knowledge of asthma by educating school staff, sending literature home with children and providing nebulizers to the offices of the school nurses and spread awareness about exercise-induced asthma with junior athlete team and individuals.

We are an organization that fights through exercising the right to breathe. The Winded Foundation funds junior teams or athletes consisting of any sport type that will help in the benefit of spreading awareness of asthma. The Winded Foundation supports Team Winded; a junior team of athletes and/or individuals that will also help to spread knowledge about asthma. We strive to instill hope and inspiration for children around the world affected by Asthma. Our goal is to provide knowledge to children on how to prevent attacks, and manage their asthma with the provided tools to maximize peak performance in their exercise. With appropriate diet, exercise, treatment and technology, we believe anyone with Asthma can achieve their dreams.