Breathe for a Buck – Pay it Forward

Did you know asthma in children causes over 5,000 deaths and over 14 million missed school days each year? And asthma is one of the largest chronic illnesses with the least amount of attention.

Jenny’s lifelong battle with asthma ended a few short years ago. Help the winded foundation raise funds for asthma research programs and clinical trials through UOA and raise community awareness so asthma suffers have more resources to live a healthier stronger life.

Simply donate by clicking button below then promise to forward this to atleast fifty of your email/facebook contacts. Please take a few minutes of your time to make a tax deductible donation to this great cause and know that you will be helping asthma sufferers like Jenny with their fight against asthma.

Remember, it only takes a second to make a world of difference. Watch how your contribution delivers big results. Thank you for your support!

or mail check to:
The Winded Foundation
41116 N River Bend Rd
Phoenix AZ 85086