Isabella’s Story

Isabella was born in the spring of 2009. She was seemingly healthy until soon after her first birthday when she caught a virus that lingered for months. Her pediatrician prescribed Albuterol and Palma court to be administered several times a day for three months. I feared Isabella would be stigmatized and limited by Asthma prognosis, although the doctor never called it “Asthma”. I was told she had Reactive Airway Disease and would most likely outgrow these conditions. Isabella’s breathing troubles worsened as time went on, especially around certain times of year or … [Read more...]

Benjamin Brasfield

When Ben was 18 months old he had come down with a cold and was very congested. I noticed that he was having trouble with his breathing. We went straight to the hospital where he was immediately admitted. His oxygen was in the low 80's. He was in the hospital for 3 days hooked up to oxygen. After he left the hospital, his breathing machine arrived and he was doing breathing treatments every 4 hours. Along with the breathing treatments, he was on a steroid to help him get better. A couple of days later, we had a follow up to the pediatrician where the doctor … [Read more...]

Hailey’s Story

In third grade, my mom signed me up for a club track and cross-country team.  I absolutely loved running, because I felt as if I could accomplish just about everything.  I won many competitions and was one of the fastest nine year olds in the state of Arizona. Only one thing was holding me back though, my coughing attacks. These coughing attacks would sometimes last up to nine hours. After many doctors’ visits, no one knew what to tell me.  Some doctors even went as far to tell me, that I was actually faking everything and just wanted the attention.  Finally, Doctor … [Read more...]

Tristan’s Story

Tristan was two years old when he had an asthma attack and was admitted to the hospital. This was the day we learned he suffered from asthma. From this day forward, he endured many Albuterol treatments, inhalers, and doctor visits. Even a slight cold would trigger Tristan's asthma. When we were having to give him more than one Albuterol treatment a day, we decided to see an asthma specialist. This doctor prescribed him Flovent, which he takes once per day and since then we have not had to give him an Albuterol treatment or use the inhaler. We're very thankful that his … [Read more...]

Erika’s Story

Erika is a ball of energy! She has never let her asthma keep her down long. As a baby and toddler there were times especially in the winter and spring when it felt like we did asthma nebulizer treatments all day and were limited to the house because of that. Her treatments of both pulmicort and albuterol very gradually decreased until age 5 when her asthma was controllable just using an inhaler. She is doing great now, currently, she hasn't had to use her inhaler for many months (but still takes Singulair daily). When she starts coughing, she gets herself a drink of … [Read more...]

Jenny’s Story

My name is Barbara Adams. I am writing on behalf of all of the millions of children with asthma and in memory of my daughter Jennifer. Jennifer was diagnosed with asthma before the age of 2 and had several visits to the ER and multiple stays in the hospital. During her 2nd year, with several trips to the ICU; of which, twice being intubated and placed on a ventilator. The 2nd time, her lungs collapsed due to several holes in them and she was required to have several chest tubes. We were then told that she might not make her 3rd birthday. Her asthma was so … [Read more...]

Ashley’s Story

Ashley was three years old when her first symptoms of asthma occurred. She would wake up in the middle of the night coughing so much sometimes it would cause her to vomit. I would try to give her cough syrup but nothing worked. I thought it must be a cold and it will get better in a few days but it did not. After a few nights like that I realized something was not right. I decided to take her to the pediatrician to see what I could do to relieve her from those coughing episodes. I told the doctor the only symptoms she had were the coughing at night. She had no fever … [Read more...]

Alexandria’s Story

Alexandria “Ali” is my little 4yr old fighter. She developed what I call ‘playing asthma’. At the tiny age of 15 months Ali would begin to cough and wheeze whenever she ran down the hallway at home. It was a pattern of play and wheeze. It made me sad that Ali couldn’t run around with her sister. I was afraid to take her to the park and let her run and play. It was always the same outcome… cough, wheeze and struggle. At a young age kids don’t know how to use an Albuterol inhaler; we were always on a nebulizer machine. Can’t really take one of those to the park! So we … [Read more...]

Elijah’s Story

Elijah was born June 20th, 2006. At a very young age Elijah began having asthma and allergy symptoms. We had a nebulizer prescribed to Elijah before his first birthday. Now five, Elijah has an asthma and allergy specialist and we are in constant contact with his pediatrician. He has been prescribed a steroid nasal spray, Allegra and budesinate, Zopinex in both hand-held and nebulizer form, and an Epi-pen. We decided very early that we would not keep Elijah from enjoying his childhood. We allow Elijah to live an active life and treat him when issues arise rather than … [Read more...]

Scott Ford’s Story

When I was very young I developed asthma. Anytime it was cold outside and/or got a virus from the daycare center and I got sick, it would trigger an asthma attack. When I was 2 years old I got really sick, my mom rushed me to Thunderbird Hospital in Glendale, Arizona. My asthma was so severe they had to airvac me to Phoenix Childrens Hospital in Arizona. I spent 2 days in there recovering. As a kid I was always in the emergency room because my mom couldn’t get my asthma under control with the albuterol nebulizer machine. I would take my treatments, but I couldn’t … [Read more...]