Cupcakes for Asthma

Help make managing asthma a piece of cake!

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All proceeds go to The Winded Foundation, a non profit organization which raises funds for asthma research and spreads awareness through asthma education and exercise programs.

Price: $25 per dozen + $7.50 for delivery or free pick up

Carrot Cream – carrot cake, creamy vanilla cream cheese frosting. Nuts added upon request.
Chocolate Mint – chocolate cake with bits of Andes mint chocolate chips, with chocolate frosting, Andes on top.
Red Velvet – red velvet cake, your choice of chocolate or vanilla frosting, chocolate chips on top!
The Winded Cupcake – sprinkle vanilla cake, with vanilla frosting sprinkles.

How to Order

Orders only available in the Phoenix area.
Please allow 5 business days to receive your order.
24 hour cancellation required on all orders.

How Would You Like to Receive Your Cupcakes?: Pick Up, Delivery

Or call 623.687.1248